About This Design

Simple White Melamine Walk-in Closet YG17-M04

Code: YG17-M04
Style: Modern
Door Material: Particle board
Carcase: Melamine 1402
Handle: 12220-128

With several storage spaces, this walk-in closet provides you a standing area for finishing or trying out clothes. Because the space is relatively large, the cabinet layout can be accommodated large changes according to your personal type.

It is worth noting that, the walk-in closet is opposite to the master bed. Besides, the closet is next to the bathroom. Therefore, it is quiet convenient to get to your clothes and have a bath in your own bedroom.

Including a dressing area, a storage area and a set of drawers, this walk-in closet satisfied the need of storing all kinds of clothes as well as bed linings and shoes.

Bedroom, Walk-in Closets