About This Design

OP16-HS02: Traditional White Matte Lacquer and Wood Grain PVC Pakistan Style House Furniture

This is a luxurious Pakistan style house, with 1 living room, 1 study room, 4 bedrooms and 6 Bathrooms. All rooms are exquisitely decorated and built with bathroom facilities. It is suitable for a large family.

Living Room

Bright, tidy and spacious. A small balcony is next to the living room, which lets in ample natural light and fresh air. Bohemia style cushions decorates the sober white sofa. They add more fun in visual at the same time. The wood grains TV cabinets are helpful to get rid of the dull.


The matte white lacquer and wood grain PVC combination indicates its country style. Double L-shape kitchen cabinets are fit with the square kitchen area and can make all works smoothly here in a round.

A small pantry is attached with the kitchen. The high cabinet is divided in several tidy cases. All your food can be arranged orderly.
Study Room

White and wood grain bookcases can create an atmosphere of silence. The dark wood grain plays the majority in the study room, creating a serious space for you to concentrate on your reading. Sit down and open your book, you can easily focus on what you read.

Bedroom Suite 1

Two small sofas and mini teapoy near the big window create a comfortable space of leisure corner. Sit down and have a cup of tea after a whole day’s work, all your weariness will vanish into thin air straight away!

A small open cabinet near the vanity is a very smart design that your frequently-used items can be putted conveniently.

The wardrobe is in the bathroom. It is convenient for you to wear clothes after bathing or making up. In details, the wardrobe is delicate with a decorative louver door but without worry to clean the dust between the slats.

Bedroom Suite 2

This bedroom is the most feminine one in the house. Floral and pink elements filled the room, which creates an romantic and sweet atmosphere. The sitting area is comfortable too.

White matte lacquer bathroom cabinet seems tidy and clean. Transparent shower room door makes the whole bathroom large in visual. Several open cabinets offer you more storage space.

The gallery style wardrobe is in the corridor which connects bedroom and bathroom. Its unique space design makes the most of every bit of space.

Bedroom Suite 3

The most attractive thing in this bedroom is its balcony outside. One might take in at a glance the whole wonderful scene. Brown TV cabinets appear mature and steady. It is fit for elder people.

The bohemia style ceramic tiles belts around the wall convey delicate grace and exotic amorous feelings. The bathroom cabinet and wardrobe use the same wood grain pattern material, which seems consecutive and natural.

Bedroom Suite 4

Elegant and beautiful. Shutter in front of the bed not only ensures enough natural light but also provides more privacy. Small built-in wardrobe is space-saving and cute at the same time.

Without any redundant design, this bathroom cabinet appears simple and neat. You can put as many as toiletries in hide and open cabinets. For another, the bathroom cabinets are suitable for you and your honey to groom together as the left side can be used to wash while the other side can be used to make up.

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